Loud bangs and gun rallies don’t mix


I noticed I was a little on-edge during the Second Amendment rally at the Capitol on Monday.

Don’t take that to mean I’m anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment. And no, I didn’t think there would be a shoot-out on the state house steps. But accidents do happen. Everyone I have ever known who has accidentally discharged their firearm was experienced and comfortable with guns. Seeing dozens of armed people, many of whom with rifles strapped to their backs, made the number-crunching part of my brain start racing. Simply put: The more guns, the higher chance of an accident.

Of course, nothing happened. Everyone I spoke to was friendly and polite. As with all rallies I cover, I enjoyed reading the protest signs and seeing how different groups merge into one event. On Monday, anti-abortion protesters and higher minimum wage supporters joined the Second Amendment Fans.

I’d relaxed about an hour later and was walking outside when I heard a loud bang from the steps. I jumped, then looked over. It wasn’t a gun. The man who was cleaning up the protest area dropped the podium while moving it.

Still, the surprise was enough to wake me up.


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