Steelheads for Balukoff?

It takes a lot for a political ad to catch the eye of this cynical journalist, but this one featuring AJ Balukoff playing goalie in a Steelheads jersey is a bit unusual. (Impressive skills, by the way!)

So is this an endorsement from the Idaho Steelheads? Not quite; Balukoff is part owner of the Steelheads.

“(Endorsements) never came up in conversation,” said Mike Lanza of the Balukoff campaign, adding Balukoff didn’t ask individual management or athletes for support. “I would say, though, that it’s a safe assumption that the Steelheads are big fans of AJ Balukoff… He’s a big fan of the Steelheads and I believe that the feeling is shared.”

Nationwide, athletes offer up political endorsements, especially in high-profile races. (In 2012, Michael Jordan and LeBron James supported Barack Obama, while Alex Rodriguez endorsed Mitt Romney.)

Here’s the real question: Now that the Steelheads are featured so prominently in a Balukoff ad, will Gov. Butch Otter be invited back to drop the puck?



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