What we’re watching tonight

You’ll see plenty of analysis and up-to-the-minute results about the statewide races tonight, but don’t forget about the legislature.

As we’re gearing up for our upcoming season, Idaho Reports has traveled the state over the last month and a half,and we’ve compiled a list of interesting races. That doesn’t mean other challengers don’t have a chance or other races won’t be close, but these are the ones that especially caught out attention based on our conversations with voters and politicos, news coverage, and analysis of past election results.
Remember, we’ll have post-election analysis, especially on the legislative races, during a special Idaho Reports, 7 p.m. Nov. 7.  Here are the races we’re keeping a close eye on:

District 5:

Agidius vs. Jordan

Nilsson Troy vs. Osborn

District 6:

Stevenson vs. Rudolph

Rusche vs. Kingsley

District 10:

Hixon vs. Manning

Chaney vs. Skyving

District 15:

Luker vs. Berch

District 18:

Dindinger vs. Ward-Engelking

Gelsomino vs. King

District 26:

Fosbury vs. Miller

District 29:

Lacey vs. Howard

Bloxham vs. Nye

Smith vs. Tovey


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