State takes first step in rebidding IEN contract

On Tuesday, the state put out a request for information (RFI) to broadband providers on continuing IEN services.

RFIs are the first step in the state’s bidding process, preceding the requests for proposals, or RFPs. It allows providers to submit questions before writing their proposals. Those questions and answers are then posted anonymously on the state’s website.

The governor and lawmakers have called for rebidding of the broadband contract after a judge voided the original contract last year.

For background on the Idaho Education Network’s ongoing contract issues, read Idaho Education News’s IEN coverage. 

Update, 11:02 a.m.: One interesting note: While the RFI is geared toward expanding the current system, the state is also leaving the door open for other set-ups, specifically regarding hardware vs. software/cloud video teleconferencing, fiber ethernet alternatives, bandwidth and private managed networks. Still, those alternative proposals would have to fit general requirements, such as two-way interactive media between schools.

(Clarification, 3:37 pm: The blog originally said the post would be up for five days. The RFI will be up until Feb. 15, which is the deadline for response, and will be on the IPRO website as a courtesy for five days.)


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