More indication the session might get delayed

Lawmakers: You might want to consider extending your Boise apartment leases into April.

Though House Speaker Scott Bedke has repeatedly said he hopes the 2015 session will wrap up by March 27, there have been whispers and murmurs a lack of consensus on transportation and education will delay that adjournment.

The latest indicator: Sen. Dean Cameron, R-Rupert, sent out his weekly District 27 newsletter, saying if the current career ladder proposal fails, it will almost certainly delay the Joint Finance-Appropriation Committee’s ability to set the public schools budget this week, as budget writers don’t want to appropriate money before lawmakers approve major policy changes.

“If the current proposal in the House should fail, it could prevent us from setting the public schools’ budget and then the session would be delayed,” Cameron wrote. “But it is important an acceptable, effective solution is found no matter how long it takes.”

As Clark Corbin of Idaho Education News wrote last week, the current $125 million career ladder proposal is in jeopardy. 

Read the newsletter here: District 27 Newsletter March 6 2015


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