House joint memorial calling for impeachment of judges DOA in Senate

(Updated, 1:12 pm)

A joint memorial calling for the impeachment of federal judges who support same sex marriage is DOA in the Senate.

House Assistant Majority Leader Brent Crane, R-Nampa, said Senate State Affairs Committee Chairman Curt McKenzie told him his committee will not hear House Joint Memorial 4.

“He’s made his schedule for the end of the session,” Crane said, and HJM4 isn’t on it. Crane said he didn’t ask him why. On Tuesday afternoon, McKenzie confirmed to Idaho Reports that he wouldn’t hold a hearing on the memorial.

On a related note, the joint memorial sponsor, Rep. Paul Shepherd, will not appear at a public forum to speak with LGBT leaders as he initially indicated he would. The invitation to speak at the forum came after Shepherd compared gay people to slave owners, saying they may be good people, but he believes they are morally misguided.

Chelsea Ganoa Lincoln, who invited Shepherd to appear with her on the panel in partnership with progressive organization Better Idaho, said she was disappointed that the event won’t happen, but said she would still like to speak with Shepherd.

Lincoln said she would still like to see the legislature address protections for gay, lesbian and transgender Idahoans, but added she is glad HJM4 is dead.

“I’m going to take this as a small victory,” she said.


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