No movement likely on child support bill tonight; special session possible

The House likely won’t try to revive a tabled bill on child support collection compliance before the legislature adjourns, even though failing to pass the legislation jeopardizes millions in federal money for the state’s child support compliance program.

Multiple lawmakers have told me the issue might force a special session; I’ve reached out to the governor’s office for comment and haven’t yet heard back. Rep. Heather Scott, R-Blanchard, who opposed the legislation, said she read the bill and it doesn’t gut child support enforcement. The Department of Health and Welfare told a different story in a Friday afternoon press release, as did Idaho Child Support Program Director Kandace Yearsley.

As for exactly how much money is at stake, how quickly the state might lose the money, and whether state employees will immediately be laid off, Idaho Reports is following up with state officials. We’ll keep on top of this story.

It’s 11:30 pm right now as I’m writing this blog post, and the Senate is considering the transportation bill. The House is hanging around waiting for that bill’s passage. It will be a long night for all of us.


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