Reactions to House tabling child support enforcement bill

Lawmakers and legislative observers are already reacting to the House Judiciary and Rules Committee voting to table a bill that would put Idaho in compliance with federal child support enforcement.

Rep. Luke Malek: “The Idaho House of Representatives just dismantled child support enforcement in Idaho.

Rep. John McCrostie: “9 ID House Judiciary Committee Republicans love deadbeat dads more than kids.” 

Rep. Heather Scott: “Threatened in committee that we will be cut off from federal funds and jobs, the governor’s office and his cronies are pressuring the Idaho House judicial committee members to pass SB 1067 which puts Idaho under international law. Senate Billl 1067 will force the State Department of Health and welfare to enforce judgments from foreign tribunals and other countries. Please call your representatives and tell them NO to SB 1067. You can read the 31 page bill they are trying to slip through at the last minute at PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD IMMEDIATELY!”

Dave Oliveria, The Spokesman-Review: “This is the most irresponsible vote that I’ve seen in my 33 years in Idaho.”


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