House adjourns without taking up child support bill

A last-minute move by House Minority Leader John Rusche to bring the child support bill to the House floor failed on a 49-12 vote, with only Democrats favoring reconsideration.

The motion, allowed by House rules, would have allowed the House as a whole to vote on Senate Bill 1067, even though the House Judiciary and Rules Committee voted Friday afternoon to table the legislation. (Read our coverage here.)

“This is a bill of immense consequences for the state of Idaho,” Rusche said. “To the state but mostly to the children of the state of Idaho.” Rusche said failure to pass the bill would make it difficult, if not impossible, for the state to collect about $200 million in child support payments that are distributed to children and families.

House Assistant Minority Leader Mat Erpelding argued in favor of the motion, hinting at the possibility of a special session to address the matter. “Regardless of how this motion comes out to wash.. I believe if we don’t at least take a look at this very seriously in the floor may result in us returning to this body this year because of it,” Erpelding said.

One interesting note: Even Republicans who supported the legislation voted against the motion.

“I was probably disappointed in the outcome of the vote that was taken,” said Rep. Christy Perry. But, she added, “I think you have to let our procedure stand.”

After the vote, the House adjourned sine die for the session.


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