Labrador initially denied involvement in child support fight

While Congressman Raul Labrador says he has no position on the child support legislation tabled by the House Judiciary and Rules Committee, he acknowledged to Idaho Reports he does have concerns about due process and the enforcement of international court orders in Idaho.

“It’s always a concern. You always have to worry about the due process rights that other countries have,” said Labrador, an immigration attorney. But while he had concerns, he declined to say if he supported Idaho passing the bill.

Idaho Reports requested a comment from Labrador last week on his involvement with the child support legislation; his staff denied Labrador had any involvement outside of calling Rep. Lynn Luker, a member of the committee who voted to table the legislation, to offer support as a friend.

Labrador gave us a brief phone interview Monday afternoon after the Associated Press linked him to Luker’s op-ed outlining his concerns with the amendments. You can read the Associated Press report by Kimberlee Kruesi via Betsy Russell’s blog here.

Labrador had no involvement with the issue until after the committee voted to table the bill.

As far as his position on the legislation that passed Congress last year, “it passed on voice vote so I don’t remember anything about the bill,” Labrador said. “It’s something that wasn’t even debated.”

And how would he vote now? Labrador didn’t answer, saying it’s up to state lawmakers.

Labrador said he advised Luker to keep the message simple and not get “lost in the weeds.” He also said that he has offered his staff’s support to lawmakers, telling House Speaker Scott Bedke they can contact his office if they have any questions.

“That’s what we’re there for,” he said.


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