Extended sit-down with Betsy Russell, and a look at the summer ahead

As we head into summer, it gets harder and harder to schedule guests and pundits, as people flee the city for vacations and visits with loved ones. Such was the case this week with pundit Betsy Russell of the Spokesman-Review, who is attending her son’s college graduation. (Congratulations, by the way!)

We sat down with Russell yesterday to get her take on the special session, the Idaho Freedom Foundation vs Rep. Luke Malek, and more. Time was tight for our show this week, so here’s the full segment below.

As for us, it’s our last show of the season, and we’ll transition from chasing politics to working on Outdoor Idaho programs for a few months. But don’t you worry: We’ll be updating this blog throughout the summer. We’re already hearing 2016 election buzz, and there are plenty of interim committee meetings to cover. Also, next week, producer Seth Ogilvie and I are heading to Idaho Falls for the Idaho GOP state central committee meeting. Look for our updates.

Thanks for watching (and reading) this year. We’ve had fun, and we appreciate your support.


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