Greg Casey on his concerns for the future of America

In December, during our two hour interview Gov. C.L. “Butch” Otter for Idaho Reports, we tossed him this question: What’s your biggest fear? (You can see the full Otter interview here. His answer to the biggest fear question begins at 1:43:27.)

Since then, we tack the same query onto interviews whenever we have time. During our first interview in Washington DC this week, we asked the same of Greg Casey, an Idahoan with an impressive resume: former chief of staff for Sen. Larry Craig, former Sergeant at Arms for the US Senate, and, most recently, former president and CEO of BIPAC.

Here’s his answer. For more DC/Idaho political coverage, including more of our interview with Greg Casey and others, watch Idaho Reports each Friday at 8 pm, starting Oct. 2. You can also keep up with us online at this blog.


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