Clean Water Act rule on navigable waters put on hold nationwide

On Friday, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a nationwide stay on the controversial Environmental Protection Agency rule that redefined which waters need pollution discharge permits through the Clean Water Act. Read the ruling here.

Last week, Idaho Reports covered the rule, why it’s controversial, and Idaho’s role in a lawsuit challenging its implementation. (You can watch our story in our Oct. 2 episode, and read our blog post on it here.) A federal judge had already put an injunction on the rule in August, but that decision affected only the 13 states (including Idaho) that had joined in that specific lawsuit. Until this week, the rule was already in place in 37 other states.

But as we noted last week, there are multiple lawsuits going after the rule. This particular lawsuit involves 18 states. Read the Washington Post’s coverage of the ruling here. 


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