Corder no longer at Department of Education

Tim Corder, special assistant to Superintendent Sherri Ybarra, is no longer with the State Department of Education.

Was his departure voluntary? “That’s a good way of saying that,” said Corder, who helped Ybarra with her 2014 campaign. During his time at the department, Corder often presented bills to the legislature and helped with policy recommendations. 

When asked if his decision to leave was abrupt or planned, he said it was both. While he had thought about retiring, Corder said he hadn’t necessarily planned to leave in the middle of the legislative session. “I think it’s just the way it worked out,” he said.

State Department of Education spokesman Jeff Church confirmed that Corder no longer worked for the department, but wouldn’t confirm Corder had left voluntarily and declined to comment further.

Corder said he would remember his time at the department fondly. “It was a grand experience,” he said.


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