First OTTERPAC filing reveals solid support in Treasure Valley

By Melissa Davlin and Seth Ogilvie


Remember all the commotion over OTTERPAC? The committee’s first campaign finance report is online.

Some highlights: The committee raised $44,490.43 from 19 donors in 2015, and spent $2,478.99. Of that, about half went to a graphic designer for the OTTERPAC logo (which Gov. Otter has said looks nothing like a rat) and half to printing literature.

Donations ranged from $100 to $5,000, with most contributions coming in at more than $2,000. The majority of donors, both businesses and individuals, are based in Treasure Valley, and almost everyone gave in December. One notable donor: Treasure Valley Racing LLC, which gave $2,500.

Many of the donors contributed to Otter’s 2014 campaign. 

As for concerns the governor’s political action committee would draw away donors from other committees? The Idaho Republican Party reported $181,237.24 in 2015. Fourteen donations came in December — the same month OTTERPAC raised the bulk of its money — totaling $32,844.05.

Compare that to 2014, when the Idaho Republican Party raised just $5,700 from seven donors in December, and 2013, when the party raised $21,269 in December. In 2011, the last year leading into a presidential election year, the party raised just $12,316.10 in December.

Conclusion? We’ll need a little bit more of a sample size to see whether OTTERPAC will lure donors away from established GOP committees.


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