A small sample of complaints over non-emergency medical transportation services

By Melissa Davlin, Idaho Reports


On Thursday, Idaho Reports released part one of a series on issues surrounding non-emergency medical services (NEMT) for Medicaid patients in Idaho. San Diego-based company Veyo provides NEMT services in Idaho through independent drivers and locally owned transportation companies.

The story was the result of a public records request over complaints regarding transportation. You can read part one here. Lawmakers also heard about Veyo-related issues during a joint Health and Welfare committee hearing on Friday morning.

Here is a sample of the nearly 400 complaints over transportation since July 1, 2016, copied directly from the public records requested and lightly edited to remove identifying details:

-A Veyo driver entered the wrong home while dropping off a client, despite the client saying she didn’t live there. The occupant of the home called police on the driver.

-Client (Down Syndrome) was dropped off in the yard and wandered (luckily) into the back yard. Family and service providers have repeatedly told Veyo driver must, for safety reasons, walk her to the door and ensure she gets safely into the house.

-Over the past 2 weeks, (clinet) has had to cancel 3 of her appointments due to Veyo mess -ups. She may be charged for missing her appointment and not giving 24hrs notice

-Client was scheduled to be picked up at 6:00 PM. He left here at 6:15 PM. When he hadn’t arrived at home by 7:00 PM his provider tried to call Veyo because she was getting worried that he wasn’t home yet. No one was answering at Veyo. Client sister was notified by a friend that Client was down the road at Maverick. The provider ran down to Maverick. By the time he got there the police were already there. Client was not walked up to the door by his transportation driver. When the driver left instead of going into the house he went down the road to the gas station. He then climbed into the back seat of a woman’s car that was inside. When she got back into the car she heard movement in the back seat. She was very scared and ran back inside the store and the police were called. Her reaction scared Client and he took off into the dark park that was near the gas station. The police were able to locate Client and brought him back to gas station. The provider reported the incident to Veyo this morning (Tuesday) and was told that someone would call her in the next two days. Someone called her around 1:00 today (Tuesday) regarding Client behavior in the car on the ride home. They knew nothing about the incident that happened the night before and then told the provider that there were no instructions on Client trips indicating that he needed to be walked to the door.

-Client being transported by Veyo to Facility took approximately 10 pills of Risperdal while on transport. No one saw this? He doesn’t swallow pills, but chews them up, not to mention he can’t get into a child proof lid. When he arrived at Facility, the staff noticed the white powder around his mouth and investigated and found the empty bottle. He was kept at the hospital for observation for several hours, then he was admitted to the hospital because his EKG is bad–the medication has affected his heart (about 3:00pm). The Facility supervisor called Veyo and asked for the name of the driver that transported and they said they would talk to family directly. We needed the information for doctors at the ER but were unable to get it.

-17yr old was dropped off by Veyo independent driver and went into the wrong house even though child said it was the wrong house; police were called because resident was scared;

-Client was dropped off 2 and 1/2 hours late. Mom was so panicked that she sent neighbors out looking for him. Client is a child and non-verbal and parent reported he was stressed when he got home due to be on transportation for so long.

-Child did not receive a ride from her school to appt as scheduled at 2:30pm. Staff called Veyo who reports no driver had accepted the ride. She missed her appointment. The Clinician reports that this particular person has an incredibly low rate of attendance because of her transport problems and the lack of counseling is affecting her quality of life.

-Client is a child with issues around routine and abandonment; he was left at school because the driver was running late. He missed his appt and was left at school without proper supervision.

-Adult with mental illness reports being raped by a driver of Tiger Medical Transport; reported to authorities.

-Provider in Emmett reports that they have had a 6YO with Autism dropped off outside of the building; 11YO dropped off inside of home, but without an adult to supervise; preferred providers not dispatched; appointments cancelled even after confirmation; when they call, Veyo says they will call back, but never do.

-Elderly independent driver brought him in. Needed complete assistance to get him out; not equipped to keep child safe on road.

-School gets out at 2:40pm; Despite the fact that mom has called Veyo to schedule a ride at 2:40pm Client has been sitting in the office at school until 3:40pm–1hr after school end time; School Vice Principal is making a report to Veyo because this is not acceptable; Client is over 1hr late to his appt daily.


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