Idaho Reports web extra: Congressman Labrador Meridian town hall

On Wednesday, Congressman Raul Labrador returned home from DC to face a rowdy — and sometimes angry — crowd of constituents at a town hall meeting in Meridian.

Questions ranged from abortion to net neutrality, health care to Mar-A-Lago, and the constitution to rockhounding. Initially, Labrador and his team planned to cut off the event after an hour and a half, but the congressman stayed and answered everyone’s questions. Ultimately, the meeting lasted more than three hours.

And while some didn’t like his answers, several commented they were impressed with his stamina. You can watch the whole meeting here:

The congressman offered his thoughts on the “town hall hoopla” in his Friday newsletter, saying the crowd was “boisterous, but largely respectful.”

Labrador will host another town hall meeting at 6:30 pm on Monday, April 24 at Mission Aviation Fellowship in Nampa.

For more, watch the April 21 episode of Idaho Reports. Idaho Reports airs 8 pm Fridays on Idaho Public Television. You can also watch online at


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