Idaho Reports web extra: “Butch, we don’t have room.”



By Melissa Davlin, Idaho Reports


Like nearly everyone in Idaho, we’ve heard amazing stories — some poignant, many hilarious — about Gov. Cecil D. Andrus, who passed away Aug. 24.

We put together a half-hour special to remember the former Interior Secretary and Idaho’s longest serving governor, but thirty minutes isn’t enough to cover any man’s life, much less one as storied as Andrus’. We had to leave some of the funniest stories on the cutting room floor.

Here’s my favorite. During the 1986 campaign, Butch Otter, who was running for lieutenant governor at the time, called his parents in Weiser to ask if he could stay with them the night before a campaign event. He got a surprising answer, as you’ll see in the video below.

We’ll post more of these stories over the next week. For our full special, watch “Idaho Reports: Remembering Cecil Andrus” at 8 pm September 1st on Idaho Public Television, or watch at after it airs.




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