Veyo ends its contract with state of Idaho

The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has announced Veyo is terminating its contract with the state of Idaho to provide non-emergency medical transportation services for Medicaid patients.

Idaho Reports broke the story of issues with Veyo in January. Complaints included unattended children with special needs, an alleged sexual assault, inadequate safety measures, and more. Read that story here. 

In January, the Department of Health and Welfare said it was working with Veyo to address those issues. Monday’s press release did not give a reason why the contract was ended early.

The state of Idaho provides transportation to medical appointments and therapy for qualifying Medicaid patients. In 2016, Veyo won the $71 million contract to act as a broker for those rides, beating out long-term provider AMR. AMR had also received complaints over its services.

Veyo provided an average of 100,000 rides per month throughout the state.

Calls to IDHW have not yet been returned.

Read the press release below:




Veyo contract for Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services to end on March 5


Veyo, LLC, has provided notice to the Idaho Division of Purchasing exercising its early termination rights under the contract for Medicaid Non-Emergency Transportation Services (NEMT) managed by the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.


Both the Division of Purchasing and the Department of Health and Welfare are working to transition these services to a new provider without disruption to Medicaid participants. The expected date of transition is March 5, 2018.


“We will continue to work with Veyo to ensure that Medicaid participants receive safe and reliable transportation services that meet their health needs. We are confident we will have a new NEMT broker in place by the time this contract ends.” said Matt Wimmer, administrator for the Division of Medicaid. “We will ask our new NEMT broker to work closely with the Idaho NEMT provider network in a collaborative and open manner as we work through this transition.”


Approximately 100,000 NEMT trips are needed each month for Medicaid participants who need transportation to access their Medicaid covered services.





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