A wonky workaround to tweaking 1159

Idaho Reports producer Seth Ogilvie pointed this out yesterday.

So much attention is (rightfully) on the secret Ways and Means meeting held Thursday to propose changes to the voter initiative bill, but the manner in which the House is making those changes is just as significant.

The House is proposing changes in a trailer bill, HB 296, instead of in amendments, which is the most common way to tweak legislation.  That’s critical. Even if they pass both SB1159 and the trailer, the Senate doesn’t have to concur with the trailer. In that case, the original bill will be the only one going to Gov. Brad Little.

Had they sent the bill to the House’s amending order, the Senate would have had to debate and vote on SB1159 again. But as it is, the Senate doesn’t even have to consider HB296, and the original bill could be signed into law without the changes.


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